Signs of Bad Design

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Badge of dishonor Signs of Bad Design This is the sign that inspired this entire series of signs of bad design. It is found on the Google campus in Mountain View, California. Just about Ceci n'est pas un poubelle Signs of Bad Design This sign lives in my friend’s kitchen in West Oakland, California. The size of this container and its position on the floor absolutely gives trash This sign is a crime Signs of Bad Design This is a real sign near my house. Or at least, it’s a scribbled version of it but the language is the same. The sign lives in the parking lot of a Do not water Signs of Bad Design Signs of Bad Design are often used to counteract the impact of a strong affordance. These plants look positively water-able, and yet it’s the wrong Permanently fixed Signs of Bad Design A Sign of Bad Design that is also poetry. It deftly employs two meanings of “fixed”: securely placed, immovable repaired The knob, having broken, Extraneous labels, ignored conventions Signs of Bad Design A big part of content design is labelling interactive elements. But you don’t always need labels. This is one such “interactive element” from the Don't have an emergency here Signs of Bad Design This sign is almost certainly a work of satire, but it is too good not to share. It evokes those “under construction” signs that were rampant on the Let's be reasonable Signs of Bad Design Lawyers love to throw around the word “reasonable” as though ordinary people could ever possibly agree on what it means. But it wasn’t an attorney Turn around, bright eyes Signs of Bad Design This sign lives at the Coliseum BART station in Oakland, California. Its intended audience is people trying to get to Oracle Arena. Unfortunately, We could be zeroes Signs of Bad Design Take a minute to think about what’s happening here. These are awfully strange hours for a store. Why do you think they did this? A. They did it for Sorry no pizza Signs of Bad Design I found this charlie foxtrot at a bowling alley in Albany, California. It’s content design carnage. Let’s dig in. This is a kiosk for hungry patrons Do not enter, exit only Signs of Bad Design I saw this sign at an airport and it gave me pause. By which I mean it literally stopped me in my tracks. This sign conveys two pieces of Choke on this Signs of Bad Design Nothing exemplifies Signs of Bad Design like this monstrous situation. This is a gumball machine. Most folks are familiar with the shape. In UX The Signs of Bad Design Signs of Bad Design Experience design is about helping people do things—solve problems, achieve goals, have a great time. It’s not always easy. And the practitioners of