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Solve the real problem Principles & Articles You can’t have a baby without the birth pains. Something my old boss used to say I’m going to level with you. A lotta the time you won’t get to Respect the user Principles & Articles Every alert in software might as well be saying ‘Hey, idiot.’ John Hull Treat humans with dignity and respect. Behind the abstract label of “user” Look for patterns Principles & Articles If you are writing an error message from scratch every single time, you’re doing it wrong. Write less and design more. Be on the hunt for patterns. Start with the story Principles & Articles Do not truncate or wrap text. How strange to make a container that can’t contain the content. It’s not the content that needs to change. Content Principles of content design Principles & Articles Whenever I do anything involving a user experience, I think in terms of principles rather than rules. Principle Rule Reset spaces after you