I am a trained public speaker. (I also tried to be a stand-up comic, but let’s talk about that later.) I have presented talks on design, storytelling, futurism, and collaboration.

Be a conduit, not a creator

Design Matters MX, February 2024
The future isn’t a place, it’s a story we craft in the present through our choices, actions, and principles. This talk explores four principles to broaden how we craft our future narratives.

Introduction to content design

Button Conference, September 2023
Chelsea Larsson and I led this two-day workshop introducing content design basics and techniques. The virtual workshop was a mix of lecture and activity.

Designing with words, it’s a thing

Ladies That UX, January 2022
Learn how to tell good UX writing from bad in under 3 seconds, how to design with content, and which principles of language can make you a better designer.

How UX Writing is like stand-up comedy (and also how it’s not)

Button Conference, October 2020
On October 22, 2020 I delivered the keynote at the inaugural Button, the conference for content designers.

Storytelling and design

Stanford d.school, April 2019
In April, 2019, I presented this talk and workshop at the d.school at Stanford University. The audience was a multidisciplinary group enrolled in a course called Design for Healthy Behaviors.

More than (buzz)words: 4 frameworks to help you think and build narratively

UXU, Google, November 2018
I delivered this presentation for Google’s UX writers at the annual design summit known as UXU. I cut through the platitudes in favor of practical frameworks UX writers could actually use.