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Google - Ads Quality UX Copywriting & Portfolio I worked on the team that managed the look and feel of ads across Google, Ads Quality UX. One of my first projects was developing the content for Stitch Fix Copywriting & Portfolio To promote the launch of their styling service for men, Stitch Fix started a blog known as The Style Guide. I was a frequent contributor on topics Wavelength by Asana Copywriting & Portfolio At Asana, my Area of Responsibility (AOR) was the company’s voice and tone. I helped shaped the brand and editorial mission of our new publication St. Anthony's Foundation Copywriting & Portfolio I served on the St. Anthony’s Young Professionals Council. We met monthly to help the St. Anthony Foundation reach a new generation devoted to Yelp - The Un-tourist's Guide to San Francisco Copywriting & Portfolio For Yelp’s 10th anniversary, we invited Yelpers from across the world to our headquarters in San Francisco. The brief: Avoid the typical tourist Yelp - The Unboring Copywriting & Portfolio One of Yelp’s core values is “Be Unboring.” I wanted to bring this to life in a hackathon project. Inspired by projects like Humans Of New York, I Yelp is a B2B company Copywriting & Portfolio Despite it’s consumer-esque vibe, Yelp is a B2B company: their customers are small and medium businesses. I worked on many pieces targeting our Yelp Nearby Copywriting & Portfolio Normally, re-orgs are a source of stress. But when the Yelp Creative team was moved from marketing to the product org we had two big reasons to