I am a trained public speaker. (I also tried to be a stand-up comedian, but let’s talk about that later.) I’ve delivered talks on design, UX writing, storytelling, mindfulness, and more.

Designing with words, it’s a thing

Learn how to tell good UX writing from bad in under 3 seconds, how to design with content, and which principles of language can make you a better designer.

Ladies That UX, January 2022

How UX Writing is like stand-up comedy (and also how it’s not)

This was a keynote presentation at the inaugural Button conference. How content designers can use practices from joke writing and stand-up to produce content that connects. Serious stuff.

Button Conference, October 2020

Storytelling and design

Storytelling is the oldest technology we have to convey complex ideas in influential ways. I presented this talk and workshop to a multidisciplinary group of students at Stanford.

Stanford, April 2019

More than (buzz)words: 4 frameworks to help you think and build narratively

There is a lot of buzz around storytelling.” This talk replaces platitudes with practical tools to help content designers do their jobs better.

UXU, Google, November 2018

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