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10+ years writing, strategy, and design. I’ve developed content for Asana, DesignerFund, Google, Gusto, StitchFix, Yelp, Zendesk, and more. My approach is a cocktail of design thinking, psychology, and storytelling.


Sr UX Content Strategist
Customer service software for humans. I write content for the agent experience across Zendesk’s suite of products. Our globally distributed team maintains and evolves content standards so that we can design clear, consistent, and inclusive user experiences using words.


UX Content Lead
The Ads Quality UX team shapes the look and feel of Google ads. I worked with UX designers and researchers to define standards for paid search products across Google and imagine new formats for evolving markets and surfaces.


Copywriter and Content Strategist
Oversaw all content including email, web, social media, ads, and UX. My area of responsibility was voice and tone; my deliverables were a style guide, editorial frameworks, and reams of copy. I also helped launch Asana’s thought-leadership magazine, Wavelength.


Senior Editor
100+ email newsletters a week in 8 time zones. Our team was a de facto agency for Marketing and Community. I managed the workflow of the Local Yelp editors, wrote landing pages, UX copy, direct mail, and mostly-sarcastic Yelp reviews. Also: Yelp’s first TV commercial.

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Public speaking I am a trained public speaker. (I was also a stand-up comedian, but let’s not get into that.) I’ve delivered talks on design, UX writing,