V. Sri

Content design and strategy

I craft user-friendly experiences according to a pretty simple formula: design thinking + language = storytelling.

Places I’ve worked

Sr UX Content Strategist, Zendesk

Customer service software for humans. I focused on the agent experience across Zendesk’s suite of products. I created and maintained content standards to design clear, consistent, and inclusive user experiences using words.

UX Content Lead, Google

The Ads Quality UX team shapes the look and feel of Google ads. I worked with UX designers and researchers to define standards for paid search products at Google and to imagine new formats for evolving markets and surfaces.

Copywriter and Content Strategist, Asana

Responsibility for voice and tone and cross-channel content; my deliverables were a style guide, editorial frameworks, and reams of copy. I also helped launch Asana’s thought-leadership magazine, Wavelength.

Senior Editor, Yelp

100+ email newsletters a week in 8 timezones. We were a de facto agency within marketing. I managed the workflow of our editors, wrote landing pages, UX copy, direct mail, and sarcastic Yelp reviews. Also: Yelp’s first TV commercial.

Skillz of note

  • Marketing copywriting, content marketing
  • Content design (a.k.a. UX writing)
  • Conversation design
  • Code: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash, Git, Python, RegEx, Next.js, Gatsby
  • Design: Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Audio: Audacity, Hindenberg, Logic Pro
  • Video: iMovie
  • Languages: French and Hindi (Conversational)

Things I’ve learned

How to code

At Kickstart Coding
16-week intensive bootcamp covering Python, JavaScript (ES6), HTML/CSS, Django, and React. As part of the course I built and deployed 2 web applications, learned scrum and agile methods, and learned that I really, really, don’t like MongoDB.

How to UX design

At General Assembly
UX Design immersive covered fundamentals of HCI/interaction design, wireframing and prototyping, user research, interviewing. Learned incredible theory from instructor John Hull. And our team took first prize in the hackathon.

How to graphic design

At George Brown College
Graphic and web design fundamentals. Courses in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, DreamWeaver, Flash (ha!), and InDesign. I used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build my first website. It was about ice cream.

How to be a hit at parties

At Western University I was going to be an actuary before I transferred to an honors degree in Economics and Philosophy. Double major, double the fun. Focus: Welfare Economics and Ethics.

20 years of resumes

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