The double diamond model

Has this ever happened to you?

Wait,” said the stalwart designer, we’re converging when we should be diverging.” And with that he opened the top of his Uniqlo oxford shirt to reveal a double diamond tattoo on his sternum. The PM gasped as the designer uttered solemnly: …I swore an oath to the diamonds. We must change course.” Chapter IV, Book III of the Contana Designu

To hades with the double diamond model. I can’t remember a single day in my design career that the double diamond model has made my life easier.

And yet, every six months someone posts about this on LinkedIn like it matters. It doesn’t matter.

It’s a model. A way of teaching UX design to people. It’s not a map. It’s not a framework. It’s not even a design principle. And frankly: it’s a lofty abstraction that has zero relevance to workplaces as of this writing. (Maybe the metaverse will be different.)

Sorry if this ruffles feathers. If you can show me how the double diamond has saved your design process, I’d love to hear all about it.

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