A definition of content design

Content design is the principled use of language to help people do things.

Language that’s easier to grasp” makes a product easier to use.

Content designers are responsible for the language in a user experience. Content design is sometimes called user experience (UX) writing or UX content strategy because we write the words (also called copy” or strings”) in a software product or website.

Some questions content designers think about:

  • Are labels consistent? Are terms easy to understand and translate?
  • Are actions and calls to action accurate and useful?
  • Do components like empty states and modals fit established patterns?

Content designer do more than write microcopy. They define standards. They set the voice and tone. They also make sense of and map out concepts so people building the experience can see how information is organized. Language in a user experience affects how easy it is to use (usability), who can use it (accessibility), and how well it does what it’s supposed to (efficiency).

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