Nice things people have said about me

Jordan Harbinger, Host of the Jordan Harbinger Show

Our website needs to help new listeners quickly understand what the podcast is about. Even though other professionals had reviewed our site, V identified key opportunities for action and made drastic improvements. He revamped our messaging and provided tons of copy across the website. Not only was he fast and easy to work with, he was able to understand and capture the important aspects of the business quickly and with little guidance. He also helped with some on-air content. I’m now more proud of the website than ever. Any business could benefit from V’s help.

Jordan Hammond, Founder and COO of Re-Lab

I worked with V to define my business’s core messaging and strategy. It has been so much more valuable than I first imagined. All subsequent communication with potential leads is more effective and less time consuming. Highly recommended, fun to work with, flexible to our company, and most importantly: Re-Lab got the real results we needed.

Kent Plummer, Managing Principal at Xander Kent Corp

I’ve hired V for different creative projects from logo design to copywriting for a technical audience. They are able to take complicated source material and frame it into easy-to-digest and concise content… they’re a crucial element to my business that adds real value.

Mark Jacobson, CEO of Terrain

I had the pleasure of working with V to help shape and refine my company’s core messaging framework. V is a good listener who took our new and complex vision and refined it into a powerful story that captivates attention and is easily understood. He is flexible, patient and easy to work with. I highly recommend V and look forward to working together again in future.

Kelly Tremper, Product Marketing Manager at MedAmerica

V is a rare combination: he offers strategic insights and also provides excellent writing and communication. He’s been my go-to person for major projects where I want someone to think through message hierarchy and how each deliverable works to lead them down the funnel, engage with customers, and build loyalty. He’s also been flexible and easy to work with. I look forward to working with V for years to come!

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