V. Sri

My name is V. Sri. Before I was a writer… I threw boozy parties for a living. Before that I was a designer at an investment bank. I even wore a suit. Before that I managed construction projects and before that I sold knives door-to-door. Here’s proof.

Today, I’m a content designer. (a.k.a. UX content strategist.) Content designers design using words to create experiences that are enjoyable and easy to use. In other words, I am responsible for the language in software and websites. I’ve worked at Yelp, Asana, Google, and Zendesk. Look and Point is a consultancy started to help all businesses say what they really mean (and mean what they say too).

Storytelling is my passion: I’ve been a guest lecturer at the d.school at Stanford and in my spare time, I write essays and lead intimate Storytelling in the Woods workshops for folks looking to improve their story craft.